In part one of our team building post, we examined the important facets of communication and conflict management. In today’s post we’ll continue the conversation and cover additional topics such as cultivating trust, team problem solving, and better resource and time management for your team.

If building a strong, committed team that thrives together as a well-oiled machine sounds amazing, TreeRunner Grand Rapids can help guide you towards that goal. We work directly with office teams to cater to the individual needs of each one. Learn how to be better communicators all while building trust acquiring problem-solving skills, and boosting your resource and time management pursuits. You can take advantage of our in-house team building facilitator or work with your team directly.

Team Building Pursuits With An Adventure Course

  • Cultivating trust – Building trust with your team begins by talking about it, and of course, through action. This is admitting mistakes, taking feedback from them, and being honest and transparent with them. The more the leadership holds up their end in commitments and agreements, the more trust is cultivated among all the employees.
  • Problem-solving – Sometimes teams lack problem-solving skills simply because it hasn’t been encouraged. TreeRunner Grand Rapids is a great place to spur your team on to foster problem-solving in the office. It’s always good to check in with yourself as the leader of the team and make sure you’re not micromanaging things or exhibiting contradictory behaviors. Help build autonomy on your team at our facility and learn a couple problem-solving tips and tricks from our in-house team building facilitator.
  • Resource and time management – Time and resource management is crucial to the success of your business, and opens opportunities to better utilize your team. As a team at TreeRunner Grand Rapids, talk with your team and ask them how they get things done. Collaborate about how things might be more efficient, but also set clear expectations about what needs to be accomplished. When everyone is on the same page, workflow and productivity increase, which naturally the ROI does too!

Team building is an act of self-care.

We know all about bath bombs, drinking water, getting a massage, and eating better is an act of self-care — to create energy in yourself before you put it out — but really doing the emotional work, especially on your team, is no small feat with huge benefits. Organizing a team building trip is an excellent way to ease work-related pressures and allows everyone to interact on the same level playing field building bonds and strengthening interpersonal skills that translate back to the office. Not only can you celebrate everyone’s successes, our environment helps to wipe the board and clear negativity, better uniting the team.

Team building is an exciting quest and a TreeRunner adventure course is the best place to facilitate it. We have three different difficulty courses including a beginner, intermediate, and expert course for your team to meader and explore throughout the day.

Build a better team and forest bathe with the tall Michigan trees at TreeRunner Grand Rapids today! Book your team building experience today!