TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park is the top aerial adventure park around — not that there are many around, seeing as how outdoor adventure parks are just now coming to North America. You see, aerial adventure parks (which feature rope courses, zip lines, and other obstacles 10-35 feet above the ground among the trees) originated in Europe.

So whether you have made your way to this blog looking for more information on aerial adventure parks or you just want to find a place to go zip-lining in Grand Rapids, you’ve come to the right spot!

Our Reputation

While aerial adventure parks are somewhat new to the country, they’ve grown quickly in terms of popularity and notoriety. For our part at TreeRunner, we are proud of our reputation as both a safe and fun eco-friendly tourist option in Grand Rapids.

That’s why we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight a few of our favorite reviews we’ve received over the past few months. Not only is it a chance for us to let our satisfied guests do a bit of free marketing on our behalf, but there’s no better way for people interested in trying an aerial adventure park out for the first time to learn what they can expect from TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park!

That said, let’s take a look at several absolutely glowing, five-star reviews we’ve received over the past few months!

The Perfect Atmosphere For My Family…

TreeRunner provided the perfect atmosphere for my family to experience the thrill of climbing and the joy of being in nature. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves in a digital free environment. The staff were fantastic!! Everyone was very encouraging and supported us as we tested our courage on the courses. The Junior Park was a great area for my little nieces and nephews to climb and zip. I would highly recommend this for any family who wishes to have some [sic] a great outdoor experience together.” – Rebecca B., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Rebecca, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate you taking the time to write these kind words! You encapsulated what TreeRunner is all about, from soaring among the trees to disconnecting from the digital world and being present in the moment. Plus, you gave your trusty TreeRunner staff a shout out, so we had to lead off with this review! We are also glad your niblings enjoyed climbing and zipping around the Junior Park! Thanks again, Rebecca, and please visit us again soon!

It Felt Like I Was In A Different Country

Oh my goodness, this is a must do!  Adults and children, it felt like I was in a different country while I was in the middle of the forest with tree mazes and zip lines surrounding me. My son is 5 and had a ton of fun on the course they created that is not as large as the adult course. The adult course is very high up and exhilarating! So much fun, and not expensive for such a great experience. It wore my son out after only 2 hours. The employees were awesome and they were playing great music  while we were climbing which made it even better!!” – Austynne B., Five Stars, Local Guide, Google Reviews

Any time you get a five-star review from a Google Local Guide, it puts a spring in your step. But when you get a glowing review like the one Austynne wrote us, it helps us remember why we love doing what we do! Austynne, we loved this review because it captured the essence of escaping the normal world for a few hours, getting out in nature among the trees, and challenging yourself while having a blast! Thanks for letting us know how we are doing, and we are so glad you enjoyed our music too!

It Was A Wonderful And Challenging Time!”

My girlfriend surprised me with this activity for my birthday with friends. It was a wonderful and challenging time!  We were there for 3 hours. The staff were very helpful. Don’t save the hardest path for last because you’ll be very tired and it’ll be hard to complete.” – Mark R., Five Stars, Local Guide, Google Reviews

Mark, in a word, yes. Aerial adventure courses are as great of a workout as you want them to be. And in your case, it sounds like you went pretty hard. Thanks for showing our staff some love and giving a bit of advice to our prospective guests while you are at it! We hope you spend your next fifty birthdays with us as well, Mark!

The Staff Are Highly Trained And Very Professional

We had an absolutely amazing time here!  I almost completed every ropes course. Next time I will finish the super hard extreme endurance challenge course.  The rescue was actually very easy and fun. Don’t be afraid of getting stuck, the staff are highly trained and very professional.  We had fun, and got a great work out!” – Jared R., Five Stars, Local Guide, Google Reviews

The final review we’d like to highlight in today’s blog comes from another bonafide Local Guide in Jared. Jared, thanks so much for visiting us and taking the time to let us and others know about your TreeRunner experience. We are thrilled you got a great workout in, but not as pleased as we are about how you recognize our staff to be highly trained and highly professional! That makes us feel great, so please visit us again when you get the chance!

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading these reviews as much as we have! But as much fun as it is to read about other people having treetop adventures, eventually you’ll need to experience it for yourself.

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