At TreeRunner Adventure Raleigh, experience our aerial adventure park and reach new heights inwardly — finding personal strength and perseverance — all with the wind in your hair and the trees at your side. Whether you’re a steady eddie and ninja warrior-in-training or a bit skittish of heights, our TreeRunner Adventure has over 70 obstacles and ziplines featuring five difficulty levels to challenge yourself within. You’ll soar high and explore your fears and innermost struggles, but you can relax and let your guard down a little, since you’ll be safe and secure in a harness.

TreeRunner Adventure is also the top spot to bring your office for a team building experience like never before! Why is team building at TreeRunner Adventure so constructive for a team? Imagine being high amongst the trees and then being asked to work together to complete tasks and get through obstacles. These types of challenges bring out all sorts of team dynamics, while each individual is working through their own inner conflicts — this is the perfect combination of fears and tension that bring people together! So grab your team and get out of the office for an afternoon to build and improve upon the relationships that will benefit the dynamics of both your team and the individual alike.

Strengthen team dynamics at TreeRunner Adventure

Social connection – You know the old adage, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? This is a psychological concept that occurs in groups as well. Situations that trigger stress and unpleasantness in a team actually lead to positive social consequences that forms a “social glue” that champions uniformity and solidarity within a group. TreeRunner Adventure fosters just this. Being up high and walking on thin wire is not a natural human environment; it brings forth fear and discomfort. Learn how to work through these emotions with your team.

Conflict management – Conflict is a normal, and even healthy, part of the workplace flow. Conflict is inevitable, and it’s arguably in our nature to disagree. Suppressing opinions for the good of the group is damaging, as there would be no diversity of opinion, and it allows for flawed plans or policies to fall to the wayside. When interpersonal tension and poor communication are present, people begin to harbor resentment and disagreements erupt. At TreeRunner Adventure, you’ll work together and learn skills to effectively work through conflict.

Communication – Effective communication amongst teams has been touted and repeated by experts for a reason — because it’s imperative! Good communication is most beneficial for completing assignments and projects more quickly. Teams that fail to communicate or where misunderstandings occur, end up wasting time and energy doing busy work or unintended work because the task was not clearly defined. At TreeRunner Adventure, the tasks your team must tackle relies on how well you can cooperate and clearly communicate with each other. Think of TreeRunner Adventure as a crash course in interpersonal and team communication. You’ll yell, get frustrated, cry, and then at the end, love every minute of it and want to do it again!

TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park

If you’re ready to take your team to the next level and build a stronger social connection, or hone your conflict management and communication skills, our aerial adventure is the perfect team building outing.

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