It’s no secret, getting regular physical activity is important to everyday life and helps to reduce the risk of obesity and other related disease states. With more people than ever working desk jobs and kids preferring technology to fresh air, getting outside among the trees can and does benefit anyone. At TreeRunner Adventure, you can do just that! Our aerial adventure park is for everybody, as it fosters not only physical health, but stress relief too!

If you’re craving a fun, new activity to get outside of the office or need to get your kids outdoors, TreeRunner Adventure is the perfect sanctuary!

Shape up and get active with TreeRunner Adventure!

If you’ve recently made a New Year’s resolution to commit to your health, what better way than to try something new, all while being active — it’s the best of both worlds! Acquire physical strength and flexibility while engaging your mind and experiencing stress relief.

So why is TreeRunner Adventure great for everybody?

That’s right, anyone is physically capable of completing one of our obstacle courses — the young and old alike, and anyone can benefit from the movement and activity it provides. So how does it help your body?

  • Upper body strength – Our aerial adventure park helps you gain upper body strength in your hands, forearms, and upper arms because they’re constantly engaged. Your hands grip the rope to move and balance you and from obstacle to obstacle, while your forearms and biceps work to hold you up and stabilize each movement. You’re bending and stretching your arms, making them more mobile and flexible in the process!
  • Lower body strength – Developing and maintaining lower body strength is also very important because it’s your base strength for walking. It is also essential for day-to-day motions, such as sitting, getting up, and bending over.
  • Accessory strength – While you may not be doing explosive movements on the obstacle course, you are using every stabilizing muscle in your body, helping to improve your accessory strength. Strengthen your spine, abdominal, and back muscles for an injury-free body.
    If you’re used to one activity or one sport exclusively, it becomes repetitive, and the other unactivated muscles can weaken as a result. For seniors this is a great activity that helps them achieve better balance, to prevent injuries, and strengthen other muscle groups, or to help establish and improve on stability in younger people.
  • Strength of mind – Sure, your brain isn’t technically classified as a muscle, but keeping it engaged and active will only benefit you as you age. When you participate in our obstacle course, it challenges your brain to problem solve and tackle difficult tasks at hand. This will keep you sharp throughout every stage of life.
    Our adventure course requires the participant to not only engage their body, but their mind, enhancing the proprioception (knowing where the body is in space; body awareness). Know yourself. Know your body!

Are you ready for a TreeRunner adventure?

If you’re ready to participate in an activity that not only strengthens every part of your body but your mind as well, call us today and book your next aerial adventure!