If you’re just beginning to wake to spring and greet your limbs that are stretching and thawing from a winter of cold temperatures and shorter days, and are looking for a rebirth and new ideas at work, TreeRunner Adventure Park is beckoning you!

With Warmer Temperatures Get Outside and Awaken Creativity!

If you’ve been cooped up this winter and are ready for your ideas and creative juices to come to fruition, book an aerial adventure with your team. At TreeRunner Adventure Park in Raleigh, we offer both team building and leadership building for employees! It’s a great place to get out and among the trees and have an amazing experience sharing and learning new skills with your team.

So, how then can we help you get a burst of creativity? Find out below!

Creativity is working through ideas in your head and having them manifest tangibly to find its physical form. In it, you can find new solutions, find latent patterns, and make connections. Science once thought that creativity could not be learned and it was only an inherent trait, but new researched dispels that myth and, people can indeed, learn how to be creative. Just like any other skill — riding a bike, cooking, etc — creativity is a learned and practiced skill.

How Do You Find Creative Success Amongst the Trees?

You and your teammates can find creative success at TreeRunner in so many ways.

  • New experiences – Getting a bird’s eye view can open up a whole new facet to you. You may see how finite and small everything is from the trees and how everything plays a part and works as a collective, or your new experience may open you up to see how a problem you’re having in your business can be tackled. A new experience wakes up and resets your brain to prepare it to find new and different ideas, innovation, and solutions.
  • Bathe in Imagination – Being high in the trees not only gives you a new perspective, they allow your imagination to run wild and daydream! In this fantasy immersion, it can help you see problems more clearly and how to resolve them. The trees also provide an environment free from distractions, so you won’t have interruptions from the office and you’ll be able to move and glide through the trees challenging yourself while gaining new insight and skills.
  • Take breaks and see your creativity soar – Taking small breaks throughout the workday does a lot for your work creativity and productivity, so taking a day or even an afternoon with your office gives you all the ability to separate and detach from your obligations there and leave work-burnout behind. When you can disengage and enjoy the scenery of the trees and mother nature at her best, you can go back to work with more creative juice and resilience to face stress.

If your team needs a boost of creativity, a change of pace outside the office may be just the answer. Find creativity in new experiences, bask in the environment for imagination, and take breaks from your normal work routine.

Book with TreeRunner Raleigh today and watch your creativity climb to new heights.