At the moment, technology is winning. It is winning over mother nature and the adventures she provides, traded for indoor video and computer games where kids can zone out, seated for hours. Since it’s Spring Break and the kiddos are out of school, use this time to get them out and into the trees in an epic treetop adventure!

At TreeRunner Adventure Park in Raleigh, it’s Spring Break and we are open all week long. Bring your kids for the ultimate obstacle course to sharpen their skills and challenge their minds all while floating wildly amongst the trees. Book now!

Cultivating Adventure When Technology is Winning

Perhaps you have a child who misses out on new and exciting experiences, like trying new foods, playing in a new sport, or seeing a new outdoor environment, because they’re simply too comfortable plopped in a chair using technology. So, how do you help cultivate a spirit of adventure in your child? Sometimes it takes a little more positive encouragement and motivation to get them to try new things. Maybe kids really want adventure and they crave it, they just don’t have the wherewithal to ask, and maybe as parents and caregivers, we fall short to make it or cause it to happen.

To first cultivate adventure, parents must charge the way!

Sometimes we get in our own way, and as parents and caregivers, we need to find and encourage adventures for our kids. Yes, it is a part of our duty to keep them safe and secure, but equally we have to expose them and help them develop the skills to navigate the world when they’re ready to flee the nest and venture more independently. So, get them in the trees and help challenge them and forge new skills!

Use your words wisely!

When you and your child are experiencing the treetop park together or anything adventure in life, it’s good to always examine your words as a parent. It’s often easy to use the word “no” or phrase “be careful,” and “slow down.” When it’s appropriate, try and refrain from saying these things and see if it gives your child more confidence to explore.

Spark Creativity

Most kids are inherently curious and creative in the world around — they want to know the “how’s” and why’s” of things. Getting your child outdoors and into the trees, this Spring Break will call to their creative nature spawning new opportunities to learn and to adventure with confidence.

Better Their Decisions

When kids are outside, among the trees and adventuring, they become better at making decisions. Because adventures often create opportunities for failure and mistakes, kids can become better at weighing the choices and making better decisions as a result. In our treetop park, they’ll be faced with obstacles and choices in how they should complete them, and with support and guidance, they learn to make better decisions.

Cultivating adventure in our kids is as easy as being remodels and fostering adventure opportunities, using words that spark adventure and not hinder it, evoking creativity, and getting them out the door and ready for these experiences.

Adventure with your child this Spring Break and book a treetop adventure at TreeRunner today!