In our last blog, how to show your employees you appreciate them, we wrote a blog specifically for supervisors, managers, and employers out there who just might be in need of a calibration of sorts. Being an employer, and therefore managing a staff, is no easy task — this much is certain. Not only are you responsible for the work performance of your staff, but your workforce is comprised of human beings, with all of their strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies.

So in that aforementioned blog post, we offered up a few tips for employers to think about. We aren’t pretending to be experts on the matter, by any means, but we know a little bit and we want to help! Among said tips were straightforward reminders such as “say please and thank you,” “intentionally create a culture, step by step,” “always offer praise,” and the need to learn about your employees and their personal lives. All of these things will show that you care about them; that your staff people aren’t just another number. Your employees need to know that you have their best interest at heart, that you want to see them improve and grow, and that you are able to help them do that.

TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park

All of this leads us back to home base; an adventure unlike any other at Raleigh’s first and only aerial adventure park. Complete with over 70 amazing obstacles and zip-lines, seven different courses, three difficulty levels, and a Junior Park for the little ones, our treetop adventure park has plenty to offer families, individuals, and groups of all kinds.

If you are an employer looking to show your employees how much you care, we can’t think of a much better way than to bring them to our outdoor adventure in the Raleigh and Durham region! Sure, we’ll be the first to admit that we have a horse in the race, but that doesn’t make us wrong either! Our zip-lines, obstacle courses, and unique training opportunities make TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park a great option for any kind of corporate outing or team-building event.

What’s more, we are proud to be able to host events from 10 to 300 people, so it doesn’t matter if your group is large or small! In fact, we play host to a few of Raleigh’s most well-known organizations because they know how much of a blast everyone will have! So have fun outside, boost morale, and reward your staff with a Raleigh adventure park experience!

Your staff is going to love you, even more than they already do. It’s a fact.

Other Ways To Show Your Staff You Care

Now that we’ve established that the best way to show your appreciation to your employees is by taking them on zip-lines and such in the treetops, we can move on to all the other important ways to show you care. Just like our last blog, these ideas are general suggestions which every manager will need to figure out if and when to incorporate them into their own organization. And, really, that’s the most beautiful thing about it — you have the incredible opportunity (and responsibility) to dictate what kind of culture you want, for better or for worse.

  • Create A Unique Tradition – While doing “Yankee Swap” (or possibly “White Elephant,” depending on where you are from) once per year during the holidays is something fun, traditions should be more regular as far as we are concerned. It might be as simple as having a weekly “tag up” where you ask each other ice-breaker questions to get to know one another better. It might be you waking up early every second Tuesday of the month to bring in donuts or bagels. Or, it might be something amazing that we could never even think of! You are in charge, and you know your employees — you make the call!
  • Present Them With Presents – No, we aren’t suggesting you bribe your way toward creating a vibrant workplace culture, although it isn’t the worst idea we’ve ever heard (kidding!). When we say presents, we really mean treats — especially if they are homebaked. And these days, it’s tough to know what to bake given half of the American population doesn’t eat gluten or carbs and the other half only eats veggies, but this is the chance to make/bake something that everyone can enjoy! Going out of your way to make your cookies gluten-free, for instance, will show how much you genuinely care for your staff. That goes a long way. But in total fairness, it doesn’t have to be a home-baked good; when in doubt, go with chocolate!

That’s all we have time for in today’s blog, so thanks for reading! We hope you’ve found a few of these tips useful. If there were only one that you walk away with, however, we all know which one it should be. Book your next corporate outing or group event at the top local aerial forest adventure course, TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park!