So, you’ve heard of “outdoor adventure parks”, but you aren’t sure what they are or what to expect on your first visit.

We’ve got two thoughts about this.

First, there’s plenty of people like you in the Raleigh/Durham area. And second, you’ve come to the right place to figure out what aerial adventure parks are all about.

TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park is a premier aerial adventure park, offering more than 70 obstacles, rope courses, and zip lines! With three difficulty levels and seven unique courses, there’s plenty to explore on when you visit us. Plus, we’ve got a Junior Park for kids ages 4 to 7, so there’s something for everyone at our Raleigh treetop adventure park!

Perfect for family trips, solo fitness challenges, company outings, school field trips, or even birthday parties, all we ask if you to try out TreeRunner just once! We are confident you’ll have a blast, whether you come solo or with a crew!

Aerial Adventure Park Reviews

As the title of today’s blog already gave away, the meat and potatoes of this article are all about showcasing what our guests have to say about their time with us. So now that we’ve summarized what an aerial adventure park is, we’d like to let our happy guests do a bit of free marketing on our behalf!

More seriously, it’s a great chance for our prospective guests (like you) to get a feel for what you can expect from someone who was once in your shoes — wondering what this whole adventure park this is all about!

Absolutely Loved This Place

Absolutely loved this place. Kids and I were in town visiting my parents and found out about it. Kids had a blast and it was awesome seeing my son having to work through challenging ones and getting through them. Daughter was on the smaller ones but loved it as well. Great place and definitely would recommend to anyone with kids.” – Justin S., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Justin, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how your time was at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park. We love hearing that your kids had a great time as well, including your daughter who enjoyed the Junior Park from the sounds of it! We agree that watching your kids overcome genuine physical challenges is awesome — especially when you see the look of accomplishment on their faces after they’ve completed an obstacle course! Thanks for taking the time, Justin.

A Blast For All Ages!

This place is a blast for all ages! We went thinking it might be more for kids, but we were so wrong. There are tons of really challenging and scary runs you can do. We never made it past the first level runs haha. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. The safety is outstanding as well – no worries at all. Highly recommend this place to anyone!” – Brittany H., Local Guide, Five Stars

Brittany, we are so glad you took the time to leave us this glowing review. Obviously, we appreciate the five-star rating, but the fact that you pointed out how our treetop adventure park is for kids and adults? That’s just lovely. The courses are challenging and exhilarating, like you say, but you don’t need to be in peak physical shape to enjoy yourself at TreeRunner. Thanks again, Brittany!

The Obstacle Courses Were Very Challenging

Kim, Ben, & Mickey were great staff! They were very accommodating and made sure that we had a great time. We did the ground team building package and I was pleasantly surprised that we did activities I’ve never done before. The obstacle courses were very challenging and had multiple options to meet the level of different individuals limits. The three hours went by quick but was just the right amount of time! Thanks again for ensuring we had a great time!” – Leah J.M., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Leah, the team-building activities at TreeRunner are very different from the same-old, same-old stuff you might have experienced in the past, as you have found out! We love this review because it’s all about the courses; you can find the right one to match your ability level! Please visit us again, Leah!

Very Pleasant & Professional

Our group had a lot of fun at this adventure park! The employees were very pleasant & professional. There were multiple layers with the climbing so there was more to do than I thought at first. You will want to byo food etc as they don’t offer much in the way of refreshments.” – Heather R.H., Local Guide, Google Reviews

Heather! We really appreciate this five-star review — for multiple reasons — but we love that you gave our staff a shout-out most of all. We work hard to make sure our guests have a fantastic time and are well-taken-care-of throughout their time at our aerial adventure park in Raleigh. And you are right, it’s a good idea to bring your own snacks! You’ll be working up quite the appetite on our zip lines, rope courses, and obstacles!

I’m Sure We’ll Be Back

“A year ago we had a less than fantastic birthday experience, caused by one employee’s inexperience (we’ve all been new on the job, right?). The manager was amazing and offered to make it up to us.  We were finally able to get our schedules together, and even though there’s a new manager, he honored the old manager’s word and gifted us a second visit. We had a great time. Even the one mom who’d lad a long week and was way too tired for this adventure was all smiles when we left. Everyone working here was so nice and helpful, and they’ve made a lot up improvements since last year – most notably posting tips about the specific run at the start of it, not just on the bulletin board below. I’m sure we’ll be back, my son loves this place.” Chris H., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Wow, Chris. We really appreciate you giving us a second chance! While it’s regrettable that your first experience with us was sub-par, we are grateful for your patience with us. It’s awesome to read that your crew had a wonderful time the second go around!

One of our favorite parts of this review is that you noticed the improvements we made! We are always trying to get better, from both an employee and operational perspective. So thanks, Chris, we hope you and your family do end up coming back soon!

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Trips to our aerial forest park are truly an adventure unlike any other. You’ve heard it straight from the source — our parks are challenging, fun, and exhilarating all at the same time. We’d love it if you came to visit us.

e are located on the David R. Kahn Jewish Community Campus in North Raleigh. Book your aerial adventure at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park today!