What Is TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park?

For several years, treetop obstacle courses have been popular all over Europe, from Prague to the United Kingdom, and have thrilled locals and tourists alike with a real adventure. TreeRunner Adventure Parks were founded in 2015 by a team of Michiganders, bringing this thrilling, team-building experience across the pond to the USA. TreeRunner operates two parks in Michigan and, of course, TreeRunner Raleigh right here in North Carolina!

Each of our parks feature obstacle courses that send you climbing through the treetops, with difficulty and obstacle levels for every age and fitness group. You will experience exhilarating challenges like ziplines, barrels, cargo nets, bridges, platforming and more!

Rest assured when you visit any of our parks that your safety is our number one priority. We hold ourselves to the highest standards prescribed by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park is designed with all ages in mind! Kids as young as 4 years old are welcome to come and enjoy the Junior Park, so families can enjoy the outdoors together. No prior climbing experience is necessary to get started at TreeRunner Adventure Park, but our courses are built to challenge you both mentally and physically. After all, what is adventure without a little challenge?

The Course

The course at TreeRunner Adventure Raleigh is made up of seven different routes of varying difficulty, lengths and heights. There are three beginner courses, two intermediate courses, and two expert courses. Read on for a brief description of each challenge level:

Beginner Courses

Our three beginner courses will send up from about 10-20 feet in the air! These courses are built to accommodate all fitness levels and ages, and are the perfect place to start. In fact, you’re required to start with a beginner course! To ensure that each climber is skilled enough to move on to a higher difficulty, a course of the previous difficulty must be cleared first. After completing the beginner course, you may move on to the intermediate, and clearing the intermediate course will allow you access to the expert level course.

Intermediate Courses

The intermediate courses ramp up the height to about 20-35 feet from the ground! These slightly more challenging courses include obstacles like the tight-rope bridge, butterfly walls, and a 40-foot auto-rappel jump!

Expert Courses

Our expert courses are for the baddest of the bad, the fearless adventurers! You must clear both beginner and intermediate courses in order to attempt an expert level course. These two routes feature intense physical challenges, sending you up to 40 feet in the air, and usually taking about an hour or more to complete. You’ll be faced with rope buckets, the warped taco net, swinging discs, and the parks longest zipline, sending you rocketing through the trees for 85 feet!


You and your family or group can experience the thrill and excitement of TreeRunner Adventure Raleigh without breaking the bank. Each ticket buys your 3 hours of time in the park, which is more than enough for over 2 ½ hours of climb time after learning to use your gear! Lets break down the pricing, nice and simple:

Daytime Tickets

  • Adults & Kids Over 14: $44
  • Kids Under 13: $39
  • Some age restrictions apply: ages 7+ must be with a parent climber, 10+ can climb independently with a parent on the ground, and 16+ can solo on the course.

Junior Park

  • Kids 4-7 Years Old: $20
  • Climbers aged 4-7 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone (who is not charged if only chaperoning.)
  • Available any time the park is open!

Last Call Tickets

  • Ages 7+: $30
  • This special price is only available during the final 3 hours of park operation.
  • Access to the expert level courses is not guaranteed with this admission, due to the duration of the climb and the time required to pass the beginner and intermediate difficulties prior to an expert attempt.

What Groups Should I Bring?

TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park is best experienced with a group! Bring your family, your friends and/or your co-workers! Here are just a few of the group experiences that are welcome in our parks:

  • Birthday parties!
  • School groups and camp outings
  • Youth groups, scout groups, sports teams
  • Corporate outings
  • Team building exercises

Now That You Know What To Expect, Come Visit Us!

You and your family, friends, and coworkers are going to love the adventure awaiting you in the trees of North Carolina at our Adventure Park. Book your next adventure today, and get climbing!