Turn off your devices, ditch social media, and venture into the Raleigh woods!

Breathe in, and now, breathe out. Yes, we said it. Put down your devices and take a much needed break from social media!

While the world of social media is an amazing way to stay connected and even make internet friends, sometimes you just need to live in the present — no planning out what pictures or captions to post and just take in the forest of TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park as is.

The beauty of TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park is, our obstacles bring you into the now. Sure there are plenty of moments to snap a couple of pics for memories, but you’re going to be working hard both physically and mentally to get through the aerial obstacle course! Tune into today’s post musing about taking a social media hiatus!

From Digital Detox to Fun in the Trees!

We all know how to improve our health — get more sleep, exercise, and ban sugar! On the other hand, there is our mental health, and sometimes spending so much time on social media can take its toll.

Depending on how much time a day you spend between social media platforms — on average we’re spending about three hours per day — you’re scrolling through a lot of content. And the thing is, it’s everyone’s highlight reel and not necessarily a reflection of real life. And this, in and of itself, can make you feel crummy.

You may start questioning, “why can’t I travel as much or look as good as that overpaid influencer?”

In a 2018 study of those who gave up Facebook for five days, research found that cortisol (our stress hormone) levels dropped and that participants were able to have more face-to-face interactions connecting with friends and family when they took their digital detox.

Another thing to consider is the time you reclaim — what would you do with three extra hours in your day? You now have time to learn something new or get into nature at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park!

Not only can social media affect your internal landscape, it also keeps you from staying active! While social media is a great timesuck when you’re waiting for an appointment at the doctor’s office or killing time at the DMV, when you become stuck behind a device, you become more sedentary.

Our bodies crave movement, so being active daily is a must! Taking a social media hiatus may help get you moving with the extra hours you have! You can get out and walk or hit the gym — whatever you do, make it fun and do something you enjoy!

Are you convinced of a digital detox yet? Level up your mental and physical health and put down the device and get into the Raleigh forest!

Whether you give up social media for a month or only an hour a day, it’s important to have parameters— and, with the time you have, spend it with us!

TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park is the perfect place to get outdoors and breathe fresh air while being active! It’s also a place to combat stress — your mind is focused at an obstacle at hand and not the inbox of emails you haven’t replied to!

Our treetop adventure is for those who need a social media hiatus — spend your time with us!

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