From obstacle courses to ziplines, there’s so much adventure to be had amongst the trees!

The great outdoors is calling to you — get outside and breathe in the fresh air mingled with pine and meet up with your favorite people for an aerial adventure that gets your legs moving and your heart soaring!

At TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park, fun and excitement start here. You’re in the trees, challenging yourself and gaining self-trust while having a blast! Take a moment and learn more about our adventure park and what you will discover when you’re towering high above timber!

What to Expect From TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park

If you’ve never experienced an aerial adventure, there’s nothing quite like it — it’s a mix of being part bird and part animal of the woods!

Let’s explore all of what TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park has to offer!


An aerial adventure is assembled by combining the options of seven different obstacle routes that vary from difficulty, length, and how high you want to go!

Every treetop adventure begins on our main deck. This is the place where you’ll shoot the breeze with one of our talented adventure park guides, and —  pro tip — this is the best time to ask any questions or get helpful tricks for completing your favorite aerial obstacles!

Our obstacle routes are divided into three categories — beginner, intermediate, and expert.

One thing to mention, before moving on to the next level of obstacles, you’ll have to complete the obstacle course before it. So, to move to intermediate you’ll have to conquer beginner and intermediate must be completed before moving to expert courses.

Beginner Obstacles

If it’s your first treetop adventure or you’re a little uneasy with heights, a beginner course is the perfect option. Our beginner obstacle routes are mostly stable and reach heights of 10 to 20 feet off the ground.

As you’re moving through, you may encounter a variety of obstacles from our pink, yellow, and green courses including:

  • Barrels
  • Suspension bridge
  • Tightrope walk
  • X bridge
  • Swinging Platforms
  • Ziplines

Intermediate Courses

If you’re looking to go higher into the trees — 20 to 35 feet — an intermediate course is just the treetop adventure for you! These obstacle routes are physically demanding and give you a healthy dose of digging into your problem-solving skills.

You may find the following aerial obstacles such as:

  • Tightrope bridge
  • Butterfly walls
  • 40-foot rappel wall
  • Swinging staircase

Expert Courses

Dare to go even higher? 30 to 40 feet at treeline, higher? Enjoy two expert level courses that challenge the most physically fit and adventurous climbers!

Here you’ll rendezvous with the following:

  • Air board
  • Rope buckets
  • Zipline (85 feet, the longest yet!)
  • Swinging discs
  • Bosun chairs

Beyond Treetop Obstacle Adventures

While your blood will get pumping and our aerial obstacles are certainly a great way to get active, there are so many takeaways that go beyond a traditional obstacle course.


One of the best takeaways of roaming the trees at our adventure park is the self-trust you build.

Why is self-trust important? 

Self-trust is vital because the more curious we get, we can push ourselves. Yes, we learn that we’ll both fail and succeed in the process, but we can gain trust and know that we can in fact do it and get through it.

Self-trust gets us out of our comfort zone to a place where we can take more risks, and this journey can begin at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park! When a person completes one obstacle, it feels great and they want to try more, and though they may be afraid, they learn to work through their fears.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is another vital skill that you can learn and hone at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park. You’re on the line — and you have to trust yourself to get through the obstacle and problem solve how you’re going to accomplish this.

Developing problem-solving skills applies to both your career and the classroom!

Team Work

Our treetop obstacles aren’t always always a solo endeavor; many times they involve teamwork with the people you’re with. Whether you’re helping someone through an obstacle or you yourself need guidance, it takes the sum of the parts to make the whole group better while accomplishing the goal at hand.

With teamwork you also have to learn how to communicate and how to work through difficult points in the aerial adventure. With teamwork you establish better communication skills as well!


Improving your mindset is an invaluable skill that translates off the obstacle course. Life is stressful and hands us many things we have to work through, and in it, it’s helpful to grow how we look at things, or, our mindset.

It’s easy to get frustrated and want to quit — just walk away. But in our frustrations, there are key pieces to how we can learn and grow — teachable moments and changing your mindset can help you navigate these things. Instead of thinking, “I can never do this,” it can be helpful to get curious and ask questions. Instead, how can you work through it? What is it teaching you?

Working through our obstacles makes you good at improving your mindset and working through limiting beliefs.

At TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park, we provide a little of both physical and mental obstacles! From our varying aerial courses to the valuable lessons that are learned and the skills that are strengthened, there is so much adventure to be had here!

Get into the trees and book your treetop adventure today!