If you’re looking for a sure way to test your fitness, a day spent at TreeRunner Raleigh is the place to do it! Whether you’re doing a search for, “adventure park near me” or “obstacle course,” you will find both here!

Adults need a place to run around and let off steam, too! At TreeRunner Raleigh, we have seven obstacle course routes ready to test your fitness. Play amidst the trees while being active. Find out exactly how TreeRunner Raleigh will test your fitness in today’s post!

Are you ready to test your fitness at TreeRunner Raleigh?

If you love an adventure or healthy competition with your friends, a treetop adventure is the best, most fun atmosphere — and you get to fly through the trees!

Test your fitness at a treetop adventure with us!

Balance – Balance is the gateway to all functional movement, and it’s what keeps you healthy and accident-free all throughout life. You need balance to keep you from rolling your ankle after you take a misstep on the pavement and for standing on a step-stool trying to reach for cookware. Test out where your balance is at on one of our obstacle courses — there are tiny cables you have to walk across, or moving parts to move past.

Flexibility – You wouldn’t think you would have to be particularly nimble for the course but flexibility — like balance — is crucial to perform daily activities, like bending down and picking your your keys or reaching for a glass on a high shelf. At TreeRunner Raleigh, you can test your flexibility by reaching high to clip into cables or do a little treetop yoga while you’re on the obstacle course.

Mobility – While flexibility relates to muscles, mobility concerns how your body moves overall in a full range of motion and how it relates to muscles and motor control. Mobility is crucial, especially if you’re an athlete, because it can mean the difference between lifting with proper form or without, and causing injury. TreeRunner not only tests your mobility, it can also enhance it! The more time you spend in the trees, the more nimble you’ll become!

Body strength – Test both your upper and lower body strength by having to squat low for some obstacles and climb high on others. You could even gather your friends and do an impromptu pull-up contest!

Testing and improving your fitness at TreeRunner Raleigh is what we’re here for —  we want adults to have just as much fun in the trees as the little ones! Book your adventure obstacle course today!