Adventure to new heights!

Treeline is within view when you journey one of our many aerial obstacle routes! No matter what your ability level is, we have a course for everyone — beginner, intermediate, and expert!

TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park is a new way to get outside for some good ol’ fashioned fun and excitement!

What you’ll experience at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park:

  • 90+ challenging and thrilling obstacles
  • An obstacle course for all levels — beginner, intermediate, expert
  • 8 different courses to try
  • A junior park for kids ages 4 to 7
  • Glow Nights
  • A place for special occasions such as birthday parties and corporate events

Our course is made up of 8 obstacle routes of varying difficulty, length, and heights. Check out the descriptions and photos below to get a taste of what to expect from your Raleigh aerial adventure

Main Deck

Climb up to the Main Deck where you will be greeted by one of our friendly treetop adventure park guides. From there you can choose one of 8 routes. There are four yellow trails, one green trail, two blue routes, and two expert level routes (black and double black!).

Climbers are required to demonstrate their ability to conquer a beginner route before moving on to an intermediate course, and an intermediate course before moving on to an expert level course. Our priority is to make sure every guest is safe while having a blast from tree to tree!

Please note that there are age restrictions on each course for the younger and smaller climbers.

Beginner Courses

Mostly stable obstacles between 10-20 feet from the ground. Good for all fitness and experience levels. You must complete one of these courses before moving on to an Intermediate Course. The obstacles are stable and easy to traverse for a first-time climber.

New Yellow Trail! Bumble Bee
Welcoming you to the park when you first arrive is one of two of our newest yellow trails for 2022! A great lower trail for beginners and experts alike. Bridges and zip lines await you in this adventure to start the day!

First in Flight
This course consists of nine obstacles to explore. This course is a great start for the youngest and more nervous climbers. Includes the iconic Barrels and the Suspension Bridge. This course ends in two different Zip Lines.

This course consists of thirteen obstacles, including the Whale Watch, the Swinging Platforms, and the newly formed long zip line!

Green Lantern
This course consists of eight elements ending in a Zip Line! Includes the Tight-Rope Walk and the X-bridge.

Intermediate Courses

A variety of stable and swinging obstacles ranging in height from 20-35 feet in the air. These courses are definitely a step up in physical challenge. You must complete a Beginner Course before attempting these. One of these obstacle courses must be completed before attempting an Expert Course.

This course consists of eleven obstacles. Some of our iconic elements on this course are the Tight Rope Bridge, the Junkyard, and the Butterfly Walls.

Nine long obstacles, ending in a 40 foot auto-rappel jump. Notable on this course would be the Hallway, the Flea Jump, and the Swinging Staircase.

Expert Courses

An intense physical challenge for the most physically fit and daring climbers. Occasionally the two expert level courses are combined to create a 13-obstacle monolith. These two courses are 30-40 feet high and take most people up to and over an hour to complete.

Black Widow
Nine challenging obstacles including the Skateboard in the Sky (“Air Board”), the Rope Buckets, the Warped Taco Net, and the longest Zip Line in the park at 85 feet of adrenaline-pumping fun.

Doom and Gloom
This course is our most difficult course. Ten challenging obstacles ending in a 40 ft auto-rappel jump. Obstacles include the forearm-destroying Swinging Discs and the Bosun Chairs.

To experience the best obstacle course in Raleigh, book your reservation with us at TreeRunner Raleigh Adventure Park today!