What safety measure are in place at The Park?

All climbers will take part in a ground school before climbing where they will be taught how to navigate our trails through the use of their harness, safety clips, and zip line trolleys. While the actual experience on the course is self-led, our staff will be monitoring you from the ground to assist if needed. We have also implemented significant social distancing guidelines in our park. More information can be found here.

Why venture to The Adventure Park?

Some of the many benefits of climbing at our adventure park is being outdoors in nature, participating in a healthy, sustainable exercise. TreeRunner Parks provide a break from social media and cell phones in a fresh, outdoor air environment that has 2 to 5 times less air pollution than indoor activities, according to the EPA. Not to mention… it’s extremely fun!

What should I wear?

Close-toed athletic type footwear is required at TreeRunner aerial parks. We recommend dressing for the weather. In warmer temperatures, we recommend loose-fitting clothing that fits under the harness to prevent any uncomfortable rubbing. In cooler temperatures, layers are best. It may be chilly when you start but you will warm up as you climb. We do climb and zip-line in the rain, so bring your rain gear! For safety reasons, long hair must be tied back. Please leave any scarves, capes, or dangling jewelry at home.

Is there anything I should bring with me?

We recommend bringing as little to the park as possible.

How long does the Aerial Adventure Course take?

Our entire experience is 3-hours long, and depending on how busy the park is, each trail takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

What are the age/weight/height requirements

  • Minimum reach: 6 ft to be able to climb independently, any shorter is allowed but needs a parent to help with the transfers
  • Maximum vertical height: 6’4″
  • Minimum weight: 60 lbs. Guests under 60 pounds are required to climb with an adult (18+) in the Aerial Forest.
  • Maximum weight: 265 lbs
  • Minimum age: 7 years old (with parent climbing with them), 10 years old to climb independently
  • Maximum age: none!

Do I need a reservation?

All climbing requires advanced reservations to ensure that there is adequate equipment available.

Do you have to buy tickets for guests that are just watching/supervising?

Non-climbers, or walkers, do not need to pay to gain admission to our park, however, they will need to fill out a waiver.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all climbers and non-climbers are required to complete a waiver. Waivers remain valid for the entire calendar year.

The waiver link will be electronically sent to the group coordinator (the person making the reservation) once your reservation is completed. The waiver is also available on our website.

What happens if it rains?

Our trees act as a great umbrella for light showers. The park will close for heavy rain, as well as lightning or thunder when it is in the vicinity.

Can we reschedule a reservation for non-weather related issues?

Of course! We have the best cancellation policy! As long as you do it an hour before your scheduled start time, guests can reschedule themselves for any time in the future through their confirmation email!

What happens if I show up late?

If you are running late for your reservation please call us. Depending on availability we will try to adjust your reservation time. You are always able to reschedule as long as it is not past your start time.

Are there set time slots?

Our facilitations occur every 15 minutes. Visit our Hours & Schedule resource for our up-to-date hours of operation.

How difficult are the course trails?

We have 5 different difficulty levels, from yellow to black, ranging from beginner level up through the climbing expert.

Can I climb if I am pregnant?

We suggest speaking with your physician to determine whether or not they feel it is safe.

Are there restrooms at the park?


Is the park handicap compliant?

Unfortunately, it is challenging to access our parks in a wheelchair, however, it is certainly possible to come in and watch others climbing.

Can I walk along the climb trails to watch the climbing guests in my group?

Non-climbers, or walkers, do not need to pay to gain admission to our park, however, they will need to fill out a waiver.

Is there an extra charge for parking?


Are dogs allowed inside the park?

Absolutely! We just ask that someone in your party stays with your pup, and that you pick up after your furry friends.

Can I wear closed toe but open heel shoes?

We would strongly recommend and request all climbers wear close toed and heeled shoes.