It’s been a little while since we’ve had the opportunity to blog, so we are excited to be able to get the chance to write our loyal readers once again!

In recent posts, we’ve highlighted the team-building benefits of aerial adventure parks, discussed how our adventure parks might be able to help you deal with a fear of heights, without forgetting about our underscoring of the team-building benefits of rope courses (a three-part series we’d encourage you to read if it sounds interesting to you!).

In today’s blog, we decided to take a step back from the more particular elements of our treetop adventure park so that we could fill in any gaps our prospective customers might have. What kind of gaps? In today’s blog, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about activities, groups, and pretty much everything in between!

If you’ve been interested in learning more about TreeRunner Adventure Parks, or even aerial adventure parks more generally, this FAQ blog is for you, so keep reading!


What Is The Best Way To Experience The Outdoors, Create Memories, And Have Fun In The Trees In Oakland County?

Okay, we give. We didn’t actually receive a question that was worded quite like this, but nevertheless, the answer is unequivocally TreeRunnerWest Bloomfield Adventure Park!

Here’s why: TreeRunner West Bloomfield offers guests the chance to climb to new heights and experience an outdoor adventure in a brand new way. Safely soaring through the trees as you challenge your mental and physical prowess has a name, and that name is TreeRunner. Explore 195 challenges, with 41 zip lines, 12 trails, and 6 degrees of difficulty.

So whether you are a beginner or an expert, youthful or elderly, in peak physical condition or you’ve been a couch potato lately, our adventure park should have something for you to enjoy!

For How Long Do We Climb?

Here’s a question we are in fact frequently asked. We allow four hours for aerial adventure park reservations. This half-day includes time allotted for checking in, donning all of your equipment and harnesses, receiving a safety briefing, and a full three hours of climbing.

We recommend showing up about fifteen minutes before your scheduled reservation time so that you and your crew aren’t rushed while checking in. Keep in mind that each trail takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The more difficult trails might take longer. But at the end of the day, you can take as long as you want and rest in between if you feel like it! You are here to enjoy yourself — however you see fit!

What Should I Wear?

Excellent question! We require our guests to wear closed-toed athletic shoes. We suggest you look at the weather report before coming and then dressing appropriately, as you want to be comfortable while climbing and soaring from tree to tree. If it’s a chilly day, layering is usually the best choice. For warmer weather, we recommend going with loose-fitting apparel that will fit underneath the harness to inhibit any annoying friction. Finally, long hair needs to be tied back for safety reasons. We also do not allow any capes (sorry kids), scarves, or dangling jewelry while climbing.

What Kinds Of Groups Come To TreeRunner?

Another brilliant question. The answer is, all kinds! Our most common types of groups include birthday parties, schools and camp outings, youth groups, athletic teams, and scouts, team-building for organizations, all without forgetting about company events as well.

  • Birthday parties – A unique and active way to celebrate a birthday, TreeRunner West Bloomfield is an awesome place to host a birthday party — for both kids and adults!
  • School field trips and camp outings – We offer special pricing for school field trips and camp outings. Our park is a full eight acres, with courses that vary in difficulty level so that each child can find an activity that they can enjoy.
  • Youth groups, scouts, and athletic teams – TreeRunner challenges and obstacles present a reasonable challenge for most all ability and fitness levels. Whether you represent a sports team, scout troop, or want to find an activity for your youth group, TreeRunner should be high on your list of ideas!
  • Team-building – We offer specialized Team Building packages which intentionally take groups out of their comfort zone so they can learn to rely on each other in a new way. Get vulnerable, get uncomfortable, and watch your team about each other in a whole new way!
  • Corporate outings – Finally, we offer discounted group pricing for corporate outings at TreeRunner. You might be interested to learn that some of the state’s most well-known companies plan yearly events at our aerial adventure park. Keep in mind we also offer a beautiful covered picnic area which you can reserve for your staff to enjoy. Be sure to inquire about preferred pricing from local caterers. Learn more about corporate outing packages here!

Perfect for both small and large groups, we host groups that vary in size from 10 people to 150! We are thrilled to inform interested parties that we have a host of groups which return year after year to our Oakland County aerial adventure park. Whether you want us to hold a formal team-building activity or you prefer to do your own thing, it’s up to you! We are happy to host you and we are sure you’ll have a great time regardless.

How Physically Demanding Is It, Really?”

The final frequently-asked-question we’d like to answer in today’s blog is a practical one. If you are worried about not being able to enjoy yourself due to fitness limitations, we want to encourage you that you’ll probably end up having a great time! While we don’t want to paint with too broad of a brush, seeing as how some level of physical ability and fitness is necessary to climb, we would also remind you that our beginner trails take very little upper body strength and balance to complete.

Conversely, you can get a really good workout in, if that’s your thing, when you challenge yourself on our more advanced trails. These advanced courses are more physically demanding, but at the end of the day, you can challenge yourself to whatever extent you feel comfortable!

Keep in mind that we require guests to complete a beginner trail before trying out an intermediate trail, an intermediate trail before going on an advanced trail, and completing an advanced tr

ail before going on an expert one. You’ve got to climb your way up to the top if you are serious about your aerial adventure!

Book Your Adventure In Oakland County!

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s change-of-pace FAQ blog. We also hope it’s inspired you to make a reservation and try this whole aerial adventure park thing out for yourself! If you have any lingering questions, simply give us a call! We’d love to hear from you. If you are ready for your own forest adventure in West Bloomfield, book it today!