Life is hard. Many people struggle every day with life’s challenges, from making ends meet to overcoming an injury and watching a loved one struggle with cancer. While our modern society has made life easier in many ways (for example, most of us don’t have to till the soil every day to eat), it has created different kinds of challenges. Finding ways to overcome the challenges you face is what will be the difference in you having an enjoyable life and you having a not-so-happy life.

TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is an aerial adventure park near Detroit. Think of an aerial adventure park as an obstacle course in the air. Obstacles include zip lines, barrels, cargo nets, and bridges all suspended between platforms in trees that you have to navigate through. While adventure parks, in general, are a relatively new idea, obstacle courses with ropes and hurdles have been around for centuries. Below, we’ll go over a few reasons how overcoming physical obstacles will make your mental struggle easier. Contact our outdoor adventure park today to get started!


Need a Challenge

Humans are the only beings alive on this planet with the power to reason, to think about the past and learn from it, and to project into the future. Every other creature lives in the moment, off pure instinct alone. We are the only creatures that experience true sadness to the point we shed tears and true happiness (again, to the point we cry), as well as all of the other emotions in-between. We are the only life forms capable of setting goals and of reaching them. We also are the only ones who think about ourselves, our lives, and the meaning it has.

As such, humans require challenges in life in order to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose in this world. Having something to do is paramount to having a place in this world. We are not content to just exist; most of us have to be existing for something, and some of us spend our entire lives trying to do just that.

On your way to reaching your goals, you will experience a set of obstacles or challenges; it won’t be easy. Yet, every time you overcome one of those obstacles, you gain a sense of self-confidence and worth that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You gain strength to keep going when all you want to do is stop. You understand the end game is worth it, and you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

When you come to TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, you will be faced with an aerial trail that varies in difficulty, length, and height. No matter if you choose a beginner trail, or you are ready for a more advanced trail, your goal is to get to the end. You will have to overcome obstacles along this trail in order to move on and reach the end, from zip lines and tightropes to Trapeze and rope swings. With each obstacle conquered, you will gain poise, self-confidence, and skill to take on the next one in the obstacle course series. You will keep moving until you get to the end, feeling a great sense of self-confidence. Overcoming these physical challenges will strengthen your mental capacity to know that you can do it if you believe.

Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment

From dealing with your dog dying as a child to having to overcome a bully at school, there are many challenges that kids face that they have to overcome. As an adult, these challenges really don’t diminish; they only change in size and scope because the onerous is on your shoulders alone. From losing your job to dealing with difficult customers on a daily basis, you can feel a lot of pressure. Inevitably, there will be days when you feel wilted, like a flower. But there will also be days when the sun shines, and like a sunflower, you follow its path across the sky, eager to soak in its warmth and energy.

One of the quickest ways to feel better on days that you feel low is to overcome an obstacle. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what this obstacle is. Just getting out of bed and not being late to work can be an obstacle you overcome. Smiling at someone and being nice to people when you feel dark inside can be an obstacle you overcome. Or, taking your kids to an aerial adventure park, such as TreeRunner West Broomfield, and overcoming challenges with ropes and things can be all you need to feel whole again.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment — no matter how big or small — can be just what you need to face the bigger challenges in life. Our aerial adventure park offers just that.

Having a Reason to Move

Humans, in general, are inherently lazy. If we could, we’d all be royalty, with servants to do our laundry, cook our meals, and clean up after us, while we spent our days lounging around in the sun, doing whatever we wanted, whether that’s paddleboarding all day long or reading a book with a cup of coffee and a cat on our lap.

In the 21st century, it’s really easy to fall into the habit of coming home after work and sitting, watching TV, not doing or accomplishing anything. While some days this is most definitely needed to decompress from work, it can become a habit that can contribute to obesity and an overall inactive lifestyle — not to mention a need for mental and physical activity.

Our bodies are amazing creations designed to move. Every organ contributes to us doing work, from our heart that pumps blood and oxygen to our muscles and cells to our muscles that move our bones so we can run at a moment’s notice and pick up objects. When our bodies stagnate, so does our mind, and ultimately, our souls.

Purposely seeking out physical obstacles and challenges to overcome in your life will give you a reason to move once again. And a person on the move is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Admittedly, taking that first step can be a challenge, which is why TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park near Detroit offers beginning obstacle courses for those who need to ease into physical activity. Our aerial adventure park can help you get moving again by offering you challenges to meet you where you are at. Visit our adventure park zip lines today to get started!


At the end of the day, TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is about having fun with your friends, family, and work colleagues in a relaxed environment in nature. You can soak in the rays of the sun, listen to the birds sing, and zip line through the trees, experiencing a bird’s life for a few moments in time. You can have the support of your friends when you do reach challenges and be encouraged as you make your way through them. Once conquered, you move on to another challenge at our outdoor adventure park and conquer it. This takes place until you reach the end, whereby you can choose another obstacle course trail to conquer.

By continually conquering physical obstacles in your life, you will strengthen all aspects of your character to take on the more challenging mental obstacles and other pains you will face. There are many evils that can happen in your world, many of which you have no control over. What matters is how you handle them, overcome them, and in the end, how you finish. This is what you do have control over, and this is where the physical obstacle courses of TreeRunner West Broomfield can help.

When you tackle TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park’s obstacles in a fun, casual way, you will be preparing for the obstacles that are not so fun nor casual. Call us today for your team building, corporate outings, birthday parties, schools, camp outings, athletic teams, or group fun!