How many times have you convinced yourself not to do something, and then, when you finally do try it, it turns out it was easier than you thought and you wonder why you didn’t do it the first go-around? If you think back on all your life’s experiences, how many times have you thought this and NOT followed through and tried it? Just think about what you missed out on.

TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park is an aerial adventure park with a dozen trails of different degrees of difficulty that you can do. These trails are up in the trees with obstacles along them that you have to overcome in order to progress to the end. If you’ve never done anything like this before, it might take some convincing to try it out. But, like in our scenario above, what if you DON’T try us out? Think of all the fun you will be missing out on. Below, we’ll continue our look at how trying physical obstacles you don’t want to do can help you with future mental obstacles. Visit us online today to learn more!


Beating Back Negative Self-Talk

One hundred years ago, negative self-talk did not exist like it does now. That was due to the fact that people just didn’t have the time to self-reflect like we do now. However, negative self-talk has led to many people not accomplishing half of what they could accomplish in this world. It is truly powerful and can be all-consuming to the point you can be rendered static. At the heart of negative self-talk are fear and doubt. People are afraid to take chances so they doubt themselves and their ability. This leads them to not doing anything, which severely limits their potential.

An aerial adventure park with many physical obstacles to overcome, such as TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, can help you beat back negative self-talk to the point it’s a tiny pulp. Being high up in the air in the trees amidst the power of nature and overcoming the obstacles on your trail is a sure-fire way to regain your confidence and banish self-talk for good. With every physical obstacle you overcome, your confidence will grow, it will be easier, and you will be filled with elation, wonder, and even purpose. Nature has a way of bringing us back to center. Stop by our outdoor adventure park today to see why!

If You Can do THAT, Then Whatever You Are Facing is Easy

Most of the time in life, we defeat ourselves. We convince ourselves we are not worth the fight, the effort, the pain, the hassle, or the sacrifice. Or, we convince ourselves that our goals are not worth the effort. Instead, we get comfortable with mediocrity. This is exhibited by always being in the middle of the pack at the end of the 5k race, by always being in the middle at the end of the month for your sales goals, by never completing your handstand at the end of a gymnastics competition because you don’t want to stand out.

The problem with mediocrity is that it is comfortable and addicting. While inherently there’s nothing wrong with being in the middle — if that’s the best you’ve got. But if you are holding back or not giving it your all, you run the risk of this characterizing your life, and before you know it, you’re 65, and you’ve accomplished only half of your potential.

By starting today to choose to overcome physical obstacles that will mentally strengthen you to overcome mental obstacles, you won’t ever be mediocre, no matter the place you finish. TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park gives kids and adults alike the chance to test their limits, face their fears, and overcome obstacle challenges with the hopes that this will help you in some small way in your everyday battles of life. Because if you can overcome cargo nets and ropes at great heights, just think what you can do otherwise. Visit our aerial adventure park today!

Overcoming Physical Obstacles Builds Character

While it may sound cliche, overcoming obstacles does build character, which is important in today’s world. Hundreds of years ago, character was built without having to try. After all, when every day of your life you had to work hard to get food to survive, your resilience, will, and mental strength to endure was built up from childhood. Today, however, where life is comparatively easy in the sense that most of us in America get our daily food from the grocery store, we have to build character in other ways, and overcoming obstacles is one way to do just that.

Here at TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, our obstacle courses run from beginner to advanced. This allows you to progress at your own level without being overwhelmed, and, of course, to stay safe until your skill has developed enough to handle a more advanced course. We even offer expert trails that are for those looking for an intense physical challenge. These trails are 30 to 40 feet up in the air and require strength and stamina to complete.

Character building takes time and is best when begun in childhood. However, even as an adult, you never stop building character. Every challenge you face, whether you like it or not, will build character because with every challenge, you have the choice on how you will face it. Will you give in and not take on the challenge? Will you make excuses for not doing it? Or will you face the challenge head-on, giving it everything you’ve got, no matter if you win or lose?


If you choose to face life head-on, visit TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park, the best aerial adventure park near Detroit. Our expert park monitors will help you every step of the way through our obstacle courses. We will be your cheerleaders and your helpers as you go through the trail and through the challenges you face. Not only will you have a great time, but you’ll also gain self-confidence that will translate into many areas of your life. Visit us today!