If you are like most parents, you likely try to sneak personal growth into your children’s lives. From adding new vegetables to meals to buying them educational toys or movies, parents are always looking for the next best way to help their child be successful and independent as human beings.

Looking for a way to support your child’s personal growth while they have the time of their lives? Take them to TreeRunner Adventure Park in West Bloomfield. With over 165 exciting obstacles and zip lines, park trails designed for little ones, and 10 different courses, you’ll find plenty of activities for your child to explore at our premier aerial adventure park! However, amidst all the outdoor fun your child will have, taking them to this aerial adventure park can help them learn the following lessons, helping them strengthen their personal growth.

The importance of physical fitness

From climbing walls to swinging on our ropes course, your child will have fun while exercising their muscles and testing their limits. They will learn that they will enjoy physical activities with a stronger and more capable body. Additionally, they will also begin to understand the rewards of working out — something that will carry over into their daily lives and form habits of health and strength!

How to be independent in challenging situations

Independence is a tough trait to learn, especially in tough situations. When your on a tight rope suspended in the air among the trees, you must learn to trust and rely on yourself. Running through these adventure courses may be one of the first times your child realizes — that in some instances — they cannot rely on other people to finish what they started. While our staff members are always available for assistance, once kids are able to overcome the obstacles of our aerial adventure course on their own, they will be more prepared to independently take on the challenges of daily life.

A deeper appreciation for nature

Kids do not spend as much time outdoors as they did a decade ago. With all the technology surrounding our lives, it can be difficult to get your child to gain an appreciation for nature. However, when you are suspended in a tree canopy, it is difficult not to develop a newfound appreciation for nature. Making a trip to our aerial adventure park is a great chance for your children to see just how fun the outdoors can be, hopefully igniting an interest to explore nature more!

How to overcome fears

Dropping on a giant swing that is high up in the air isn’t always easy to do, especially if it is your first time. While it may be scary at first, once your child learns to trust themselves, they will be able to overcome their fears and receive the instant reward of the adrenaline rush that comes right after the big jump or swing.

Who knew that taking your child to an outdoor adventure park could be so beneficial to your child’s growth? If you are ready to give your children an outdoor experience like no other, take them to TreeRunner Adventure Park in West Bloomfield. Book your aerial adventure today!