Planning and celebrating your child’s birthday can bring unwanted stress as you have to find a birthday party venue, coordinate invitations, plan the food and cake all on top of seeking out the most obscure birthday present they’ve asked for! If you want to make your child’s birthday fun and planning it stress-free, come and spend the birthday with us at TreeRunner West Bloomfield.

TreeRunner West Bloomfield is the best place for the ultimate birthday party, and with bountiful kids activities that will keep them busy and moving all day long, it’s a hit for everyone! A TreeRunner birthday package includes two hours of climbing among the tallest Michigan trees and a goodie bag full of exciting things including a t-shirt! Keep reading and find out why TreeRunner West Bloomfield is the best birthday party venue in Michigan!

Five Reasons a TreeRunnner Birthday is The Best

There are many places you can spend a birthday, but TreeRunner West Bloomfield creates the best atmosphere for fun and exploration on your child’s birthday!

  1. TreeRunner Takes the Pressure Off – As a parent, it can feel like a lot of pressure to plan and execute the best birthday party for your child. You want everything to be absolutely perfect, yet you need a refuge — you need to take some of the pressure off. At Treerunner West Bloomfield, we make planning your child’s birthday stree-free. Book us for a birthday party location and you’ll have a place for the kids run wild in the trees completely occupied so you don’t have to worry about keeping them entertained or out of trouble. You can relax on the ground and watch or participate with them. We also provide a picnic space for food, cake, and presents when the kids need a quick break before going back out on the obstacle course.
  2. TreeRunner Keeps The Kids Busy – If you’ve ever had a party at home, you know they may stay engaged for a moment, and then can come whining that they’re “bored!” When kids are bored they often get into mischief, and you end up having to keep a watchful eye all day long! Let TreeRunner keep the watchful eye and run their energy stores dry, so when it’s time to go they’re happily worn out!
  3. TreeRunner Keeps Your House Safe – When you have a birthday in your home with a bunch of kids running around full of cake, things can get crazy! Things get broken and drinks spilled, only to leave your house wrecked after they all leave. Keep your house safe by having a birthday at TreeRunner west Bloomfield. The kids will be moving and problem-solving in our obstacle courses all day long, and really have no opportunity to cause accidents or ruin carpets!
  4. TreeRunner lets your kids be kids – There is nothing better than having the freedom to run and be as loud as you want while being in the trees. This is pure bliss for the kids! No one will tell them to be quiet and they can run wildly in the obstacle courses for hours.
  5. TreeRunner develops skills – Not only will your child be laughing and having a great time with their friends, they’ll be developing important interpersonal skills at the same time! Along the obstacle course, they’ll encounter obstacles where they’ll have to problem solve and work through conflict together. This will incite leadership skills and require everyone to cooperate and communicate clearly — these skills are highly needed and sought after in adulthood!
  6. TreeRunner helps kids get active – In an age where screentime dominates much of how kids spend their time, TreeRunner helps peel them away and get them active. Being outdoors is so good for overall health, and helping the kids create healthy habits while having fun is the ultimate win in parenting. Ditch the video games and TV binge-watching, and get everyone moving at TreeRunner!

If you’re a parent in search of the perfect birthday party venue, TreeRunner is the place for a birthday celebration! We can help take the pressure and stress of planning a birthday party off, keep the kids engaged, protect your home from kid damage, let them be themselves and run free, all while be outdoors and active!

Start planning your next birthday adventure with us! Book a TreeRunner birthday today!