Is The Sky Your Limit?

Acrophobia is the psychological term for a fear of heights. Don’t get us wrong, having a healthy fear of certain things is good, even beneficial. Natural fears are what help keep our bodies alive and breathing. It is when those natural, rational fears become irrational fears that they start to be a detriment to personal growth. Please note that we’re not trained psychologists, and we’re not diagnosing you with any disorder, but if you feel like you have a fear of heights or high places, and you desire to conquer those feelings and live fearlessly, TreeRunner Adventure Parks can provide you with a safe, fun, and exciting venue to break through your limits and discover your true potential!

Don’t Panic. We’ve Got Your Back.

Some people may experience an emotional response to being high above the ground, whether it is just a few feet, or 40 feet up in the trees. Some people are born with that special, innate ability to free-climb without even missing a beat, but that’s not the case with everyone. If being off the ground makes you feel like panicking, we’d remind you to take a breath and rest easy. TreeRunner Adventure Park West Bloomfield takes the time and care to ensure that each of our adventurers is properly suited up in their safety equipment, and that each component is clearly explained in its function. We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards in the business! We want you, your friends and your family to not need to worry about staying safe, because you will be in the hands of experts who know exactly what they are doing. If you have questions about any of our safety equipment and how they work, don’t hesitate to ask! Each of our instructors has been extensively trained and has hundreds of hours of experience with all of our equipment.

Don’t Go Big And Go Home.

What we mean by “don’t go big” is that there is no pressure on any of our guests to put themselves in a situation that they are uncomfortable with. In fact, our courses are designed to start everyone off on the same level playing field. Our 7 year old climbers start off right next to seasoned climbing veterans. Before any intermediate or expert level routes can be taken, climbers must show proficiency in clearing beginner level routes. Sometimes the best way to conquer a fear is to expose yourself to elements of your anxiety just a little bit at a time. Your goal can be to experience and get comfortable with the beginner level routes, and that’s perfectly fine! With time, patience, and practice, the neural pathways in your brain will start to make connections that make the experience easier to handle, and before you know it, you will probably surprise yourself at the progress you’ve made.

Take A Breath

The most important thing to us at TreeRunner Adventure Park West Bloomfield is that you and your family and friends experience the joy of being active in the beautiful state of Michigan, and that you’re perfectly safe while doing so. While the idea of clambering through the treetops may seem like a challenge, the goal is to have fun! We want to welcome you to our park, outfit you with top-of-the-line safety gear and climbing professionals, and let you relax. Should you feel any anxiety creeping in, take a breath, grab a loved one’s hand, and enjoy the moment that you otherwise might never have had if you’d never tried to conquer your fears.

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