If you’ve been looking for fun activities for kids (and/or adults) in the West Bloomfield region, your search has likely ended right here, so pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

What, exactly, is it that gives us such confidence? Well, aerial adventure parks are amazing, for starters; it’s a treetop adventure with over 130 exciting obstacles and zip lines, three difficulty levels, and seven different courses. Whether your activity is a school field trip, team building activity, birthday party, or weekend activity with the family, there’s something for everyone at our outdoor adventure park in Metro Detroit.

What Our Reputation Means To Us

While that might sound pretty awesome to most of you, we fully understand those of our readers who might have some reservations. After all, we are slightly biased, seeing as how this is the official blog of TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park!

That’s why we wanted to take the opportunity to let others do a bit of free marketing on our behalf. We could blog our little hearts out about how you are sure to have a blast regardless of your skill level, age, or experience, but there’s something about hearing it straight from the satisfied customer that helps people decide if this place is for real or not.

We are for real, so why not take it from people who were once in your same shoes, looking for a unique West Bloomfield outdoor activity near Detroit that is perfect for the entire family?!

What A Challenging And Fun Way To Spend A Sunday

SO MUCH FUN!!! A group of us girls decided to test our abilities and headed to the TreeRunner Adventure Park. What a challenging and fun way to spend a Sunday. The beginner courses were fun but still challenging. A couple of the girls did the harder courses and rocked them out; a couple of us chose not to because, let’s face it, we were chickens. What a blast! The staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. We brought water and snacks and took a break when needed. Great place for friends, family, or whatever. Highly recommend.” – Jamie Loper, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Jamie, thanks so much for trying out our East Michigan aerial adventure course! We absolutely love hearing about experiences like yours, and we also appreciate how you pointed out that it’s totally up to you and your party to decide which difficulty level of obstacle course you’d like to try out. We are thrilled you had a blast and that you found our staff to be helpful and friendly. Thanks for your recommendation and five-star rating, Jamie, come see us again soon!

I Am Afraid Of Heights But This Helped Me Get Over My Fear

It was a great experience! I am afraid of heights but this helped me get over my fear. There are great staff and safe equipment for mostly all ages. I recommend if it’s your first time to start off at Cricket or Firefly (the easiest ones for people older than 7) then move on the harder ones. Also bring one or two water bottles and a snack you can also order pizza there. I recommend this place to anyone looking for adventure.” – Little Wolfie Wolf, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Little Wolfie Wolf, we hope that’s your given name, because it’s awesome. Either way, we loved reading your review! It’s awesome to regularly hear about our treetop adventure course helped you overcome your fear! We do our best to make the experience thrilling while ensuring you feel safe and comfortable at all times. And we absolutely agree with you; starting with the easiest obstacle courses is a good idea. Then move on if you feel ready to! Thanks again, LWW!

The Staff Is Super Friendly And Helpful

Wow, what an experience. Went there with family and friends and all had a blast for 4+hours. It has difficulty levels catered to every age, so all can have fun. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Highly recommended if you love to be outdoors and feel a bit adventurous. Great for parties or group events. They have picnic tables and Jets pizza delivers there. Only con, toilets are porta-potty.” – Sam Kim, Local Guide, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Sam, thanks so much for not only highlighting what a great time you, your family, and friends had, but also how friendly and helpful you found our staff to be! Plus, you are 100 percent right — our treetop adventure park is perfect for parties, group events, office getaways, or whatever you have in mind! Finally, we agree that the porta-potty set up is less than ideal. Perhaps one day soon we can get some flushing toilets! In the meantime, think of it as adding to the outdoorsy experience, if you can!

A Big Jungle Gym For Adults

This place is fun. It’s a big jungle gym for adults. You’ll need to soak afterwards if you are not used to utilizing your upper body strength! Every time here is LIT don’t miss out if you can!” – Ol’ Boi, Local Guide, Five Stars, Google Reviews

The final review we’d like to highlight in today’s blog is provided by none other than Ol’ Boi, a Local Guide in Eastern Michigan. We LOVE this review because it shows how our aerial adventure park equally ideal for folks looking for fun activities for kids and adults! And the local guide is right; our ropes courses and obstacles do provide a great workout, if that is what you are looking for!

Book Your Aerial Adventure Near Detroit!

So there you have it, straight from the mouths of our satisfied aerial adventurers! If you are ready to count yourself among them, be sure you book your time with us very soon! Availability is limited, and our summer activity is quite busy! We’d love to see you soar among the trees with us very soon, so be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions whatsoever!