TreeRunner Adventure Park Rochester Obstacles

Challenge Yourself on an Exhilarating Aerial Adventure Today!

With 8 obstacle trails meandering through and challenging all levels and abilities, there is something for everyone here at TreeRunner Adventure Park Grand Rapids.

Learn more about beginner, intermediate, and expert courses below!

Aerial trails for all skills and abilities include obstacles such as:

The Main Platform!

Climb up to the Main Deck where you will be greeted by one of our friendly park guides. Our Main Deck is the starting point for 8 Aerial Trails and the Golden Grizzly 250 foot Mega Zip Line!

Aerial Trails range in difficulty from beginner to expert. Climbers are required to demonstrate their ability to conquer a beginner route before moving on to an intermediate course, and an intermediate course before moving on to an expert-level trail.

Please note that there are age restrictions on each course for the younger and smaller climbers.

Beginner Courses:

Mostly stationary obstacles between 10 to 20 feet from the ground. Good for all fitness and experience levels. You must complete one of these courses before moving on to an Intermediate Course. The obstacles are stable and easy to traverse for a first-time climber.

Intermediate Courses:

A variety of stationary and swinging obstacles ranging in height from 20-35 feet in the air. These ropes courses are definitely a step up in a physical challenge. You must complete a Beginner Course before attempting these. One of these courses must be completed before attempting an Expert Course.

Expert Courses:

Course Closing Time

Harder trails begin to close as much as 1 hour prior to closing to allow guests to complete the trails before the end of the night. Please make your reservation with this in mind to ensure you are able to complete all the trails you want to conquer.

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