Prepare For Your Visit

TreeRunner Adventure Park Rochester

Create Lasting Memories at our Adventure Park!

We’ve put together a resource page to help you plan your next outing at our West Bloomfield treetop adventure!

Learn more about how you can better prepare before you arrive!


What we’ll cover:

  • Waivers and Reservations
  • Arrival
  • Weather
  • Appropriate Attire
  • Items to bring


Reservations are required. This is to ensure that a harness is available for you when you arrive.

Before guests can enter the park they are required to sign a waiver, regardless of if they are climbing or not. Anyone under the age of 18 years old is required to have their parent or legal guardian complete this waiver on their behalf. Anyone 18 years or older must complete a waiver for themselves. All waivers are required to be completed in advance. This will create a faster check-in and put reserved climbers into the trees much sooner. Each climbing waiver is valid for the entire season. To fill out the waiver click on the “sign our waiver” button at the bottom right of the page. (Please include your reservation number.)


When you arrive you will need to check-in at the registration area. Groups will not fit into our registration areas and will need to wait outside. The group coordinator (person who set up the reservation) will need to check in the group at registration.

You will need to arrive 15 minutes early to allow for check-in, use of the restrooms and to get into a safety briefing. If you do not arrive early, it may delay your climb and take time away from the reservation.


Harder trails begin to close as much as 1 hour prior to close to allow for guests to complete the trails before the end of the night. Please make your reservation with this in mind to ensure you are able to complete all the trails you want to conquer.


Weather is very important when planning your trip. In most cases, the park will operate rain or shine. In the case of high winds, thunder, lightning, or heavy downpours, we may suspend climbing while we monitor conditions. Reopening is our goal but if any inclement weather affects your climb we can issue rain vouchers to you upon request. Refunds are not offered but we will provide park credits to use at a later time. To receive credit for what you have paid, cancel before your climb time through your confirmation email. The credit process is automated at this point. You will receive an electronic gift card for the amount you paid to climb with TreeRunner. You MUST cancel before your reservation time begins to receive credit.

Close-toed athletic type footwear is required. We recommend dressing for the weather. In warmer temperatures, we recommend loose-fitting clothing that fits under the harness. The harness sits on shoulders and around the thighs. In cooler temperatures, layers are best. It may be chilly when you start but you will warm up as you climb. We do climb in the rain so bring your rain gear! For safety reasons, long hair must be tied back.


We recommend bringing as little to the park as possible. Beverages will be sold in the registration area. 


Before your arrival, please sign your waiver. Within the waiver is our safety briefing video. Please click here to watch it!


  • TreeRunner Bypass Program
  • – At the conclusion of a climber’s first climb of the year they are able to take our safety bypass quiz at the harnessing shed. By passing the multiple choice assessment guests are able to bypass safety briefings for the remainder of the season! That means once you arrive and check in at the registration center, you’ll be able to head to the harnessing shed, grab a harness and fast-track to the course.
    But wait, there’s more! Younger climbers, who are age restricted on our courses that enroll in our bypass program are able to level-up to the next age group. So, that means younger climbers are able to go on harder courses with or without an adult climbing with them! For example, a climber in the 10 – 11 age range in the bypass program, will be able to follow the guidelines for the 12 – 13 age range. Youth climbers in the bypass program who level-up and climb without an adult are asked to wear a TreeRunner pennie to denote they are a part of the program and are able to level-up. Our park monitors will have the pennie for you! 
    – Bypass enrollees are required to take the bypass quiz once a season. Enrollees at the West Bloomfield park are required to go through the safety briefing at our Grand Rapids, Raleigh, and Rochester parks due to a difference in safety clips.