TreeRunner Bypass Program

As part of our commitment to safety and providing the best possible experience for all of our guests, we have a Bypass program in place for those who are interested in leveling up. This program allows participants to complete up to one course higher than the TreeRunner leveling system permits without a parent.

How does Bypass work? FAQ’s:

Guests will need to complete at least 2 hours of their first climb of the season. However guests shall be able to take the bypass quiz in the last hour of their first climb of the year, and if time allows, they will be able to attempt 1 course with their new leveling status. 

Guests can ask staff at the harnessing area to take the Bypass quiz. A digital phone will be needed to access the QR code to take the quiz. 

Guests will take the Bypass quiz, confirming they listened and understand the rules and regulations of TreeRunner, as well as how to properly operate in the courses. Guests need to have received a 10/10 to pass.

One season. We’d recommend taking the test earlier in the season to utilize the benefits of bypass to their fullest. 

Guests that pass bypass will be given a neon pennie for the remainder of their climb. These Pennie’s will be stored and handed out of the harnessing shed. Parents can use this neon pennie as a visual indicator of where their child is, and can follow along from the ground.

Which courses can I climb with Bypass?

  • 7-9 can complete Green w/o a parent if using Bypass & wearing Pennie
  • 10-11 can complete Blue w/o a parent if using Bypass & wearing Pennie
  • 12-13 can complete Black w/o a parent if using Bypass & wearing Pennie