Gem Mining at Meadowbrook Mining Co.

Strike it rich with a new kind of adventure in Rochester Open NOW!

Just as our ziplines and aerial obstacles challenge you in the treetops, our Gem Mining experience brings you a different kind of thrill at ground level. Unearth precious gems and fossils as you sift through the sand and water at our custom-fitted sluice. With every turn, curve, and drop, you’re closer to discovering a hidden treasure.

With our Gem Mining adventure, we’re creating a harmonious blend of education and entertainment, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a hands-on geological exploration. This activity is not just about finding shiny gemstones; it’s a journey into the earth’s natural history, a true compliment to the environmental immersion of TreeRunner.

Feel the excitement build as you sift through the sand and uncover hidden treasures, while the tranquil forest environment provides the perfect backdrop for your adventure.

Gem Mining at TreeRunner Rochester is not just an activity – it’s an experience that unearths joy, discovery, and a whole lot of fun!