Strike it rich with a new kind of adventure in West Bloomfield!

The Story of Bloomfield Mining Co.

On June 21st, while performing his daily inspection of the waterfall trail, our park monitor, Jacob Erasmus, was drawn to an unusual chirping sound. Expecting to find a squirrel in distress, Jacob descended the ladder towards the source of the noise. There, he found Scrat, our park’s resident squirrel since its inception, frustratedly attempting to move what appeared to be a shiny nut. Upon closer inspection, Jacob realized this was no nut – it was a gem!

Radiating excitement, Jacob immediately informed the TreeRunner team. The legend was true: beneath our park’s grounds lay the secret Ellenwood mine, named after West Bloomfield’s first resident, John Ellenwood. While tales of the mine had floated around for years, its actual location remained a mystery. That is, until now.

This monumental discovery led us to “Bloomfield Mining Co.,” a gem-studded enclave at the core of TreeRunner Park. Each dig revealed stunning gems, all unique and mesmerizing. We knew we couldn’t keep this gem-filled haven a secret.

Join us on a sparkling journey at the Bloomfield Mining Co. Adventure in TreeRunner Park. The enchantment awaits, and we're eager to see the treasures you uncover!