Branch Out Off-Site Team Building

Ignite Team Spirit, Wherever You Are!

TreeRunner brings the exhilarating spirit of our parks right to your doorstep with Off-Site Team Building Programs. Experience the magic of interconnected growth and invigorate your team’s unity and communication in an environment that’s both enjoyable and transformative.

TreeRunner Team Building in Action!

Just as trees in a forest work together for growth, every team members plays a crucial role in our success. A common goal connects trees, their collaboration fosters sharing and support, benefiting everyone. Our experiences like leaves, nourish the soil, creating fertile ground for progress and shared knowledge. Let’s work together to learn who and what we want to be as a team. Join us in fostering a culture of collaboration and watch as your team grows meaningful connections and trust in one another! 

Sample Agenda: 1-Hour Expedition

  • 5-10 mins: Introductions
  • 10 mins: Exercise A | 2 mins: Debrief
  • 10 mins: Exercise B | 2 mins: Debrief
  • 25 mins: Exercise C | 3 mins: Debrief

Sample Agenda: 2-Hour Odyssey

  • 10 mins: Introductions
  • 20 mins: Exercise A | 5 mins: Debrief
  • 20 mins: Exercise B | 5 mins: Debrief
  • 20 mins: Exercise C | 5 mins: Debrief
  • 20 mins: Exercise D | 5 mins: Debrief
  • 5 mins: Collective Debrief & Closure

Program Highlights:

  • 📍 Location: Your Business or Selected Off-site Location
  • Duration: Choose between 1 or 2 exhilarating hours
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Group Size: From 5 to infinity (larger groups subdivided for optimized interaction, 1:15 facilitator ratio)
  • 🚗 Travel Parameters: Southeast Michigan

Pricing Tiers:

Journey Further with Your Team, Within Budget! 🌳

Traveling more than 20 miles? A $50 travel fee ensures our team builders bring the adventure to you, even beyond our usual radius!

Booking Your Adventure is Just a Click Away!

To make a reservation, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking, and reservation must be for at least 2 weeks out for scheduling purposes. A final headcount and full payment is due 1 week prior to your Team Building date. 

Adding More Adventurers?

Additions to your group may be made! Talk with us for more details. 

Why Choose TreeRunner for Your Off-Site Team Building?

In today’s rapidly-evolving work climate, bridging the gap between individuals within a team has never been more crucial. Our adept team builders channel the thrilling elements of our adventure parks into curated experiences designed to forge not just colleagues, but a tightly-knit team, pulsating with synergy and collaborative energy.

  • 🌱 Custom Curriculums: Tailor-made programs focusing on vital leadership aspects like communication, teamwork, trust, and critical thinking.
  • 🚀 Elevated Bonds: Accelerate the development of a cohesive and supportive team culture, fostering improved collective performance.