The Junior Park!

TreeRunner Raleigh is for kids, too! The Junior Park features trails and obstacles suitable for younger climbers ages 4 to 7 years old to experience the trees. At only 2-3 feet off the ground, this parent-led course is perfect for the little ones to be able to climb and zip while being a bit closer to the forest floor. The Junior Park includes 5 individual trails that feature a mix of zip lines and climbing obstacles.

As a parent or chaperone, you can enjoy the adult aerial adventure park while your little one climbs and plays! Please keep in mind that we do require a 1:1 adult-to-child ratio while climbing in the Junior Park as it is a parent-led experience from the ground. Non-climbers need not pay admission for the park.

Junior Park Courses:

Beginner trails are between 2-3 feet off the ground and are best for those climbers aged 4 – 7. You The obstacles are stable and easy to traverse for a first-time climber and require a 1:1 guardian to guide them through the experience from the ground. Chaperones need not pay for entry to the park!

Scooby Doo, Scooby Who? You! This fun course takes you across a bridge, a stick element you’ll need to maneuver around, and a swaying caterpillar leading into a tight rope! You’ll be able to test your skills on this course.   

A four element course, two of which are ziplines. You’ll traverse across a moving bridge, an octagon bridge, while ziplining through the trees. 

This park has two ziplines, and five total elements, including a colorful tar foot heel element, a bridge, and  a balance beam element.

Five obstacles in total, you’ll start on a balance beam, navigate on the peg walk, and then crawl through triangles while ziplining to a final bridge. 

One of our longer Junior Trails, you’ll have six elements to explore! You’ll come across a french fry shaped obstacle, swinging stacks, and moving U’s that you’ll have to hop through. 

Junior Park

For ages 4 - 7. As much as a 2 Hour Climb. There's nothing like it!
From $25

Junior Park Birthday Party Package

The Junior Park is specifically designed with younger children in mind! Only 2–3 feet off the ground, this course is perfect for young climbers ages 4–7 (Minimum of 7 Climbers, and up to 10 booked online). Enjoy your 2 hour celebration under a beautiful canopy of trees, in a unique environment with the people you love!
From $20